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NALS 2008

On July 3 garden designer Harry Hill spoke to participants of the North American Lily Society conference on the subject of "Growing American Western Lilies on BC's Sunshine Coast". Congratulations to the Victoria Lily Society for all the hard work they put into making NALS 2008 such a success!

Click HERE to view photos of some of Harry's West Coast native lily species and hybrids.

The Sunshine Coast's Future Botanical Garden

There have been some exciting recent developments in the project to create a botanical garden on the Sunshine Coast! A benefactor of the Society has purchased a 40-acre property in West Sechelt, and the Society has secured a two-year option to purchase the property from the benefactor. The property is within the Agricultural Land Reserve and will continue to be as a botanical garden. It was once a tree farm and now contains many mature specimens of ornamental trees, as well as reservoirs created to water the trees. A portion of Wakefield Creek flows through the property and will remain as a natural riparian zone.

Volunteers have begun clearing some pathways and tidying things up, so the Society can now offer tours of the proposed site. Harry Hill is part of the clean-up crew and also one of the Society's guides for the property. Give him a call at 604-885-9769 to arrange a half-hour tour.

Please consider making a donation towards the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society's Capital Campaign to purchase the property. Click HERE to learn how you can get involved!


Photos Paddy Wales

District of Sechelt's Ban on Pesticides

The District of Sechelt has taken the progressive step of banning the use of herbicides and pesticides for cosmetic purposes.

Click HERE to get the details on Pesticide Bylaw No. 441, 2007.






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